God Is An Asshole And Mircea Popescu Is Dead

One morning this week Mircea Popescu was overcome by a force of nature. Fuck the ocean. The world is a darker place without him.

Having made his first fortune in pornography, Mircea Popescu was one of the few earlier Bitcoiners to not be handicapped by autism. He leaves this world two devoted slave girls Hannah and Nicole who both love him.

His legacy includes:

  • Making the straight blowjob mainstream during the most recent libertine sexual revolution
  • Wrathfully exposing assorted scammers in the early days of Bitcoin including Butterfly Labs MtGox, and the US Securities and Exchange Commision among others. In each of these fights his reason was opposed by the purulent oozings of fetid communities convinced the scammers in question were anything but until their end.
  • He founded a Republic and sponsored numerous ventures therein. Later he burned down that same Republic after reason lead him to conclude post-Modernity/Malone left the extant male population insufficient to continue actual civilization.
  • The man embarked on a Grand Tour of Europe with the girls he loved in 2019, last year before the world as we knew it ended in hysteria over an upper respiratory virus.
  • Maybe holding the largest fortune in the history of the world, known and unknown.

Through the entirety of his public facing involvement in Bitcoin, I remember the kindness of his honesty being slandered as toxicity. His opposition to arbitrary authorities was routinely declared impossible in spite of the man's actively disregarding them at every turn.

At the time the man died his was above the reach of any earthly authority, immune to petitions from any government. Having taken Mircea Popescu the ocean leaves this world with a void in the shape of man, actualized.

6 Responses to “God Is An Asshole And Mircea Popescu Is Dead”

  1. cazalla says:

    Sad news :\ Not much more I can add that hasn't been said.

  2. shinohai says:


  3. Snapshotted his WWW, for archaeologists, just in time: apparently fell down today. (Though, conceivably, might get back up, if somebody who is still alive has access to the box)

  4. Donkey says:

    God had nothing to do with it you imbecile. Actually You probably made the blowjob mainstream since you had MPs dick in your mouth most of the time. A retarded donkey can be trained to write better than the shit you regularly publish.

  5. Alephx says:

    Was he the best man in a generation? Likely

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