"Game Stop" Meme Becomes Pretext For Latest Phase Of USSA Financial Collapse

La Paloma, Uruguay seen from Above

La Paloma, Uruguay seen from Above

3 Responses to “"Game Stop" Meme Becomes Pretext For Latest Phase Of USSA Financial Collapse”

  1. whaack says:

    My gut tells me that this is being meme'd because it sends this "together we are strong" feeling. This is usually given out on a 4 year cycle, but the election charade has lost its credibility. Now the plebian wonder is, "okay, so I obviously can't vote via my ballot, but can I vote with my dollars?"

    For this reason, I predict that the mainstream narrative will conclude with the redditards making some "money" and defeating the big bad financial man with the help of AOC despite all the oppression and unfairness. Some people will have maybe another 0 in their bUSD bank account but no more real assets and no more satoshis.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      I suspect with Trump out to pasture that there's new internal USG faultlines shaking up. Elon Musk and his USG.DOD buddies (what comes out of his workshops that couldn't justify his dollar spigot other than wunderwaffen for hypothetical war with China) versus the "our democracy" crowd holding the rest of the machine.

      The reddit crowd element likely to face attempts to do it like the "Occupy" thing.

      If anything Trump's exit seems to have set up something very ugly for old country as the next set of grudges play out.

    • I've been under the impression this may reveal to some average fools that the game clearly isn't fair. The motions in society lately have been amusing. Some get to own much more than others because they work for it and take risks, but then get bailed out when they fail. People can't be trusted to make decisions, but democracy is great.

      We'll see how it transpires.

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