Airstrip One Further Curbs Remaining Freedoms Of Movement After Brexiting

With Brexit completing as the New Year started, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has subjected the entire Queendom to "tier 4" lockdown restrictions he made up last month and which lead to an evacuation of London. Further "tier 5" restrictions on movement are allegedly in the works.

With efforts to create panic over a "new strain" Johnson's projected mid-February end date for the "tier 4" restrictions on movement is unlikely to be realized. Informal surveys of Britons suggest most of the Queendom's inmates are unaware that not "everyone" is suffering to the degree they are, and that not everyone is "dealing" with what the Queendom suffers.

3 Responses to “Airstrip One Further Curbs Remaining Freedoms Of Movement After Brexiting”

  1. brendafdez says:

    Many who aren't yet suffering as much will likely willingly join them with something similar soon now that it's clear that this is what the civilized first world has decided is the thing to do and we wouldn't want to be anything less !!1

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      Literally every Brit I encounter in the Livestreaming assumes everyone has it just as miserable as they do, but somehow they aren't "respecting" the lockdown despite the obvious visual indicators of their sadness.

    • brendafdez says:

      Idk Aaron, I hope you're right in your moderate optimism re Uruguay and some places being palpably less fucked than others. I have a very hard time seeing it from this perspective. To me everything not 100% broken yet will be soon, and the world being made of lemmings nobody wants to be any less in this endless tournament of stupidity. When the ukians or the whatevers self-incarcerate and wreck their country instead of learning from that what others read is "oh, they HAD TO and so we better do some form of the same idiocy *now* before it's too late !!1". And this self-reinforces back and forth slightly out of sync, with nothing breaking the loop as long as anything still stands. Back in March I didn't think it possible for this shit to last in excess of a couple of months because "wtf will they then eat", but apparently eating turned out to be entirely optional and less interesting a thing than reporting your neighbors who don't "respect the lockdown" and other such olympic disciplines of the hour.

      I don't see meaningful determined opposition anywhere. It's all transient and lukewarm, and then it goes away and those who totally weren't falling for it totally do, and the ones who had learned from the mistake and were absolutely not repeating them, totally do repeat, etc.

      I was trying to keep a list of countries more or less not falling for the scam, but each and every single one eventually fell, except for maybe Turkmenistan and Tanzania (or at least as seen from afar they seem to be seriously doing their best not to).

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