Denmark Decides To Shutter Oil Industry

Denmark's "Climate Minister" Dan Jørgensen announced that his country would be shuttering its oil and gas industry by 2050. The follows alleged "center-right" opposition from the Liberal Party conceding to end the current round of licensing for exploratory petroleum operations. Revenues extorted from petroleum producers are a major source of funding for Denmark's welfare state, a welfare state feeding an increasing number of dependent migrants.

3 Responses to “Denmark Decides To Shutter Oil Industry”

  1. brendafdez says:

    So amusing that these cancerous mutants somehow imagine they can still shape the world into 2050 and beyond. Because whatever "DAS WAR EIN BEFEHL 111" that they proclaim today will naturally still hold decades from now, how could it possibly not ?

  2. nobody says:

    This is just bafflegarb for short-attention-span greenies. "We will shut down all the natural gas fields over the next 30 years", yah sure. What policies that were put in place back in 1990 are still in effect now, I wonder? Is all the electricity in Denmark generated by windmills and solar arrays today? Can it be so in 2050? I do not think so, the numbers just wouldn't add up.

    Too bad so many voters are innumerate.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      Maybe they just keep getting poorer, use less electricity and have less of everything. Equality by poverty and all that.

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