Airstrip One Isolated London Evacuated

The British Islands have become even more acutely following panic over a new 'mutation' of a now common upper respiratory virus. Londoners have evacuated the city due to a an internal lockdown targeting the city. The movement of persons from London to rural areas is unmatched since 1939's evacuation of the city, a development which surely ought to be contrary to a stated aim of controlling the spread of a contagion present in both the city and much of the rest of the world.

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  1. brendafdez says:

    Ten days later three quarters of ukians are "living" under the 'tier 4' level of lockdownisms they had been fleeing from leaving London, and talks of further tier inflation into a new '5' are well underway. But at least they are no longer bogged down by the EU, they can do their merkelism just fine or arguably even better "independently".

  2. brendafdez says:

    Which meanwhile within hours and after the traditional game of "omg let's close everything down NOW before it's too late and we have NO CHOICE but to close everything down" turned into a nationwide "quarantine" Argentina-style with schools closed, exams suspended and all for the beeeoble!

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