Very Special Livestream Tomorrow To Celebrate Living In South America

33Tomorrow the Editor in Chief will be hosting a very special livestream to celebrate living in South America, the best America, as the USSA prepares to descend still deeper into the shit in the aftermath of tomorrow's election. Party favors include Freedom Brownies and a very special guest.

The live stream will start some time between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM Montevideo Time (GMT -3) and play out on MeetMe, a platform too concerned about trying to police potential porn in order to have ever tried policing political speech.1 The festivities will include substantial use of the "versus" feature in order to force as many inmates trapped in Anglophone countries as possible of the misfortune of their not being in South America. Uruguayan nationalism will be inflicted upon as many other Gringos as possible.

Celeste Arriba! Uruguay Noma!

  1. This may be related to Meetme being a sort of zombie shuffling along despite being born in an earlier era of the Internet, and therefore having priorities that diverge from overtly USG aligned enterprises. Watching livestreams requires creating an account with username and password. []

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