US Election Remains Contested As Software Glitches Leaves Outcome Of Vote In 28 States In Question

Software produced by "Dominion Voting Systems" which delivered profound vote tabulation errors in Michigan and Georgia was deployed across 28 states. With close results in numerous states and a decision from the US Supreme Court requiring late arriving absentee ballots in Pennsylvania to be segregated from other ballots, the possibility that neither current President Donald Trump nor his elderly challenger have a majority of electoral votes by the December 14th deadline remains a very live possibility.

According to Article 2, Section 1, Clause 3 of the US Constitution as amended by the 12th amendment, should neither candidate have an electoral vote majority then the delegation of each state in the US House of Representatives will cast one vote delivering a re-election to Donald J Trump.

Despite the very live questions in the election, the Associated Press and other propaganda outlets masquerading as "objective" news organizations spent all of their little surviving credibility today prematurely declaring Joe Biden the President Elect. Whatever passes between now and January 20th, the USSA's national nightmare will be different once again.

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