Trump Apparent Winner Of US Election

Trump appears to have narrowly won the US election yet again after months of polling that dishonestly suggested a landslide defeat was coming. Enough outstanding electoral votes without a declared winner are leaning towards Trump that a clean win may be possible though more probably the USSA will be embroiled in civil unrest and lawfare for several weeks. Trump enjoyed a strong advantage among voters that showed up in person to vote, both in early voting and on election day balloting.

The establishment challenger Biden's only path to victory at present is dependent on yet to be counted vote-by-mail ballots and favorable court decisions which would allow for counting additional ballots of dubious origin.

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  1. PeterL says:

    It looks like the Republicans will hold onto the Senate, and although the news outlets were calling the House for the Democrats from about a minute after the first results came in the House result will be very close whichever way it goes, and it is currently looking like the Republicans might take the house by a couple seats. This has certainly not been the "Blue Wave" that so much of the media has been predicting.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      Pretty clear no one other than Trafalgar was doing polling, a lot easier for them to try to make Pravda and act surprised later. Remember the months of flailing about how a "close" election would be a disaster of the part of a "Transition Integrity Project"...

      It isn't that there were no polls taken suggesting this close outcome where Biden's chances are incredibly dubious, they simply weren't for public consumption.

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