Maradona's Heart Achieves Asystole - Argentina's Last Icon Dead

Today former football star Diego Maradona died at the age of 60 after suffering years of generally bad health. Maradona's would be successor, Lionel Messi, never had the success playing for Argentina's national team which could have established actual status as a successor though... comparable successes. Like its departed icon Maradona, Argentina suffers grave health issues as well. Unlike his homeland, Maradona's heart can rest having achieved asystole, the most stable rhythm.

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  1. brendafdez says:

    Will be especially 'fun' to watch them revert back to the whole protocols distancing and quarantines and omgthevirus, and of course schools must stay closed gotta protect the children mode after organizing this massive state funeral for this officially-mandated Hero of the People lameass socialism propaganda figure. And there will still be talk of not being an Enemy of the People flat-earther pandemic negationist pig, and of course they will still try to bother us with permits and restrictions and... and... and a fucking ocean of NPCs which actually believe anything makes any sense at all, "just maybe it could have been done better, but still!".

  2. brendafdez says:

    Meanwhile, a pilot program doing proper concentration camps in the poorest corners of the country is already underway. The overlords of the impoverished Northern feud of Formosa allegedly get 65 dollars per day from the federal sanitocratic junta for each person they incarcerate in these "Sanitary Camps" following instructions and abiding by the protocols emanating from the Committee for Carcelary Commendation of the People (CCCP - which prefers to be called health, science, or experts' something or the other) for up to seven days. Twice as much daily for twice as long if they manage to register a positive test result for a certain common flu-like agent, which is still being presented as the universal cause for everything happening, and especially not happening, since last March. And a bit more moolah on top if they dope up the 'patients' and hook them up to a ventilator.

    The third decree issued this year by the provincial governor of Buenos Aires (aka The Marxist Dwarf), following a supposed leadership of the bureaucrats at the WHO, declared 2021 the "Year of Health and of the Sanitary Forces" for their tireless work pursuing the common good.


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