Cracks Emerging In US Election Outcome Consensus

With numerous swing states presenting dubious vote counts and mainstream media sources trying to force the impression of a definitive win for the elderly challenger Joe Biden, a manual recount of votes in Georgia has been ordered. This joins a Friday order by US Supreme Court Justice Alito to have a certain questionable species of ballot in Pennsylvania segregated to allow for targeted remedies putting the disposition of Pennsylvania's 20 electors up in the air. Wisconsin and Michigan's electors may be brought back into play as the dispute plays out. Incumbent President Donald Trump has further purged Defense Secretary Mark Esper and other personnel at the USG.DOD in a move that is likely too small and too late to have a substantial impact on entrenched bureaucratic resistance to his further Presidency.

So long as Trump does not concede neither the last threads of US mainstream media respectability nor faith in the possibility of faith in the US electoral system are unlikely to survive to December 14th no matter what happens in the interim. Should Joe Biden take office January 20th, 2021, further hallucinated crises aimed to chase unifying effect 9/11 had in the aftermath of Bush v. Gore being contentiously decided on December 12th, 2000 can be expected.

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