Wine Consumption Up This Year 17.2% First Semester And Up 31.8% Second Quarter

This year's "plant yourself at home" fad appears to have contributed to explosive growth in the local wine market with consumption up 17.2% year over year and 31.8% from March through June according data from the Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura on this year's first semester. Exponential growth began in March with 3.96 million liters of wine consumed followed by 4.96 million liters in April, 6.2 million liters in May, and 8.9 million liters in June. Imported wines were only 3.5% of this year's consumption compared to 4.6% last year.

Beer consumption however fell with 39 million liters consumed in a 14% year to year reduction. Only 13 million liters of those liters of beer were consumed during the second quarter of this year as the annual end of summer drop collided with the stay inside fad.

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