USSA: Twitter And Facebook Censorship Of NYPost Continues As Do Hunter Business Reveals

After Twitter and Facebook both moved to censor a mainstream New York Post exposé revealing Hunter Biden arranged meetings between his Burisma associates and his father Joe, the New York Post is continuing to publish further revelations on Biden family business. Twitter in particular is complaining that the stories feature "hacked" information despite the evidence coming from a laptop discarded at a computer repair shop. This makes the origin of the information akin to finding a trove of sensitive papers in the trash, not a product of unauthorized access but an investigation of property renounced by its former owner.

The aggressive suppression of the New York Post revelations under the "hacked information" reason code appears a strong confirmation of their authenticity. Many popular media outlets in the zone are doubting the authenticity of the information despite the strong confirmation. Employees an executives of both Facebook and Twitter are participating in the Biden Presidential transition team.

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