ExpoCannabis Announced: Will Be Held As Actual In Person Event Hosted At LATU

The ExpoCannabis announced they will be hosting the annual gathering at the campus of LATU in Montevideo. The Expocannabis will be held as an actual event people can physically attend though some sort of online companion thing for non-attenders to try to achieve a feeling of participation will also be available. A program of speakers, panels, and vendors in attendance is expected to be published in the coming weeks.

A representative of Netherlands based seed bank Dutch Passion stated they would not be in attendance this year "for the Covid situation" though they also don't have any reseller in Uruguay marketing their products this year either. With spring planting season underway Spanish seed banks BSF, Buddah seeds, and Medical seeds appear to have been dominating the premium portion of the home cultivator market in the early going.

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