USSA: Louisville Facing Forecast Of Acute Unrest

After a Grand Jury decided to only indict one cop today, Antifa and BLM rioters are set to kick off an acute flare of civil unrest in Louisville. Should more cops have been indicted or had the indictments been for graver charges, the environment is already contaminated with both fuel vapor and sparks.

The death protested was brought about via the service of a "no-knock" warrant, one of the highest lethality species of writ available in the US legal system. The protestors and their media allies are pointedly not opposing night time home invasions that disproportionately set up groggy residents to be "justifiably" killed by adrenaline wired cops in the general case, but that this cadaver had an observably high melanin content making this particular case a bad.

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  1. Yes, Mr. Rogers, no-knock raids are an unconstitutional travesty. Without the drug war, I think the cops wouldn't have an excuse to do these.

    However, white people get killed or maimed in these incidents too, just as they are on the receiving end of other police injustice more than black people. The problem though (for those behind it all) is that white people don't riot much for these causes. The white people you see rioting are simply Commies as if this were 1920's Germany.

    It's amazing that the Lyin' Press has not been able to dig up a case of one of these incidents with a black person who was not a genuine reprobate to begin with. That doesn't say much about the average black person.

    How are you liking it down there in Montevideo?

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      The big demographic killed in the no-knock raids seems to be veterans. Order a home invasion on someone with some level of combat training and they'll take an defensive or offensive posture that will set off a trigger happy cop. Down here in Uruguay they don't have night raids on homes. The home is a man's castle and all that. Warrants can permit daylight raids on homes, but otherwise to bust up a "boca de venta de pasta base" there is a long song and dance where the prosecution makes the case to the judge that the property in question is used strictly as a business location. The US no-knock thing also seems to have a near 100% mortality rate for dogs.

      Down here things are getting increasingly closer to the old normal. The popular tipping point has fallen well towards not giving a shit about the virus business though some level of biosecurity theater continues to be accepted because we want tourism to come back at some point. I suspect we'll end up buying the Russian or Chinese vaccine soon after they pass the equivalent of Phase 3 trials, offer it to the high risk and healthcare working populations as we do the flu vaccine, and pray the English as a single language crowd doesn't manage to light another one of these things up.

      The big over riding concern here is that the Argentards took the virus "very seriously" and have been under one of those lockdowns since March 22nd without relief and thereby putting themselves well on the way to being Venezuela without Venezuela's spiffy collection of military hardware.

      Other than that I have been playing with the livestreaming thing. I started up when I was bored because everyone else locked themselves up, but continue for the opportunity to rub Uruguayan freedom into the faces of the English as Single Language population. Doctors here still do house calls.

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