"Comité Central Israelita" Expresses "Desacuerdo" Over Uruguay's UN Vote To Condemn Israel's Systemic Human Rights Abuses

After Uruguay's vote at the UN to condemn Israeli human rights abuses of Palestinians, the "Comité Central Israelita" lamented their disagreement with the Uruguayan government's determination that the Palestinians are people. Back in 2015 an Israeli embassy worker was determined to be the most probable suspect in the placement of a bomb appearing device at the Montevideo World Trade Center, (archived) but the Comité claims there is a "sincera y profunda amistad que existe entre Uruguay e Israel".

The statement was published by the Comité today despite the vote having taken place on September 14th of last year. Uruguay was one of 42 votes on the UN ECOSOC to vote for the condemnation. Only Australia, Canada, and the US voted against the condemnation.

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