Ambassador Needed To Intervene After Argentina Held Back LNG (Supergas) Shipment

Uruguayan Ambassador to Argentina Carlos Enciso's intervention was required in order to expedite the departure of a ship carrying 5000 cubic meters of LiquefiedPetroleum Gas from the Argentine port of Bahía Blanca to ANCAP's terminal at La Teja. The Argentines had been withholding an export permit for the LPG locally marketed as "Supergas" and further delay would have disrupted Uruguay's supply of the cooking/heating fuel.

This threat presented by the Argentine bureaucracy to the stability of Uruguay's energy supply comes roughly 15 months after mismanagement by Argentina's electric utility at an import substation lead to prolonged outages across their country and shorter outages in Uruguay and other countries that export electricity of Argentina. Further attempts by the Argentine government to spread their self induced misery to Uruguayan side of the border are likely to continue as the Fernandez regime continues to passively aggress at every opportunity it can.

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