USSA: Second Lottery After Not Enough H1-B Applicants

The USG had to hold an unprecedented second H1-B visa lottery after too few lottery "winners" went on to complete the visa application process to the bureaucracy's liking.

2 Responses to “USSA: Second Lottery After Not Enough H1-B Applicants”

  1. IIRC coolies cannot apply to USG for H1Bism directly; it is done for them by the firms employing them. And per the plague laws, the latter can only apply for issuance of the visa if they can show that the coolie absolutely must be physically brought on site, and cannot be made use of remotely. Hence this.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      I find the insistence on bringing in the coolies up to the cap by the USG lottery operators interesting.

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