New York City: 92 Year Old Woman Attacked By 31 Year Old Male Registered Sex Offender With More Than 100 Lifetime Arrests; Atlanta Police Get Blue Flu After Officer Charged For Shooting Armed Suspect

Yesterday in New York City a 92 year old white woman was struck by 31 year old Rashid Brimmage. Brimmage continued walking after delivering a blow to the head of the nonagenarian. With more than 100 arrests an 36 convictions to his credit since 2005 (archived), his most recent encounter with the NYPD after assaulting another man in a Pizzeria on March 9th of this year resulted in a "desk appearance ticket" requesting his presence in court at a later date. In February Brimmage managed to assault two patrons of a Dunkin Donuts and find himself suspected in a grand larceny case involving the subway. Brimmage's Black Life has been rated a "moderate risk of recidivism" Level 2 sex offender by the state of New York after 2014 arrests for "persistent sexual abuse". Brimmage's social worker has made public statements declaring that in addition to having a Black life, Brimmage suffers from diagnoses of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, fallout from the shooting that lead former Police Chief Erika Shields to decide she doesn't get paid enough for this shit continues. Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard Junior announced 11 charges including felony murder1 against one officer involved while the other faces charges including assault and violation of his oath. In presenting charges to the public at a press conference, Howard noted trivia including the lost black life being 18 feet 3 inches from the officer that shot while he was aiming the tazer with a maximum range of 15 feet and that the taser had already been fired twice leaving it nothing more to fire.

With the unprecedented level of scrutiny aimed at the officers in the case and correspondinly low morale, last night Atlanta's police coverage was greatly reduced due to a wave of "blue flu" callouts apparently leaving several "zones" of the city without police coverage.

  1. Distinct from homicide, the charge implies the alleged offender killed in the course of committing another felony and brings the possibility of execution in Georgia. []

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