Expo Prado Confirmed: September 9th - 20th

The Associación Rural de Uruguay confirmed today that they will be hosting the Expo Prado September 9th - 20th this year despite the ongoing friction introduced by the new war on seasonal respiratory illness. Details for this year's Expo are yet to be finalized beyond cattle being displayed for the international market and no night time shows this time around.

2 Responses to “Expo Prado Confirmed: September 9th - 20th”

  1. brendafdez says:

    Butt do they have a proctocol ?!!1 God deliver us from anything not having one.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      That's the big thing in limbo. They just gotta lick the thumb and check how strong the hysteria winds are blowing when September comes.

      Uruguay finds itself in the unfortunate situation where the Uruguayos ended up being capable of defeating the entropy that drives the spread of seasonal respiratory viruses during that stretch March 13th through May 18th, appearing to functionally eradicate signs of the doom cold in the city of Montevideo. Or it appears that this is the case. Also probable the virus quietly burned through the city and the powers of grappamiel and yerba mate left its impact something other than impressive while few people with symptoms wanted tests due to the fear.

      For the Uruguayos ability to lean on their prediliction for social isolation in this hysteria... We will have to see to what extent the country can escape the protocol wank and make tourism great again... for Brasil.

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