Expo Prado Confirmed: September 9th - 20th

The AssociaciĆ³n Rural de Uruguay confirmed today that they will be hosting the Expo Prado September 9th - 20th this year despite the ongoing friction introduced by the new war on seasonal respiratory illness. Details for this year's Expo are yet to be finalized beyond cattle being displayed for the international market and no night time shows this time around.

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  1. brendafdez says:

    Butt do they have a proctocol ?!!1 God deliver us from anything not having one.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      That's the big thing in limbo. They just gotta lick the thumb and check how strong the hysteria winds are blowing when September comes.

      Uruguay finds itself in the unfortunate situation where the Uruguayos ended up being capable of defeating the entropy that drives the spread of seasonal respiratory viruses during that stretch March 13th through May 18th, appearing to functionally eradicate signs of the doom cold in the city of Montevideo. Or it appears that this is the case. Also probable the virus quietly burned through the city and the powers of grappamiel and yerba mate left its impact something other than impressive while few people with symptoms wanted tests due to the fear.

      For the Uruguayos ability to lean on their prediliction for social isolation in this hysteria... We will have to see to what extent the country can escape the protocol wank and make tourism great again... for Brasil.

  2. brendafdez says:

    Now that you had the bad luck of actually (!) defeating this particular flu-like agent (which of course means some other less hysteria-inducing different same had to take its place), what now, will the borders stay closed forever because anyone coming from the outside worlds might, and certainly will, bring The Bads with them ? For how long will a country living mostly on tourism afford to do that ? It might well have been better to simply fail like everyone else and let the thing run its cycle and then claim that "we did it!11 it's under control now thanks to the measurly measures we measured in and we can open borders to other countries that have also wedidited just as much". Because summer is coming and neither the flu nor the old cunts will go away.

    The theory that it did run its cycle undetected sure is a theoretical possibility but I find it hard to believe that uruguayos massively acted correctly refusing to be tested if they even suspected they could have something. You have that much faith in them ?

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      If there's one thing the Uruguayos do well, it is herding. Tourism is a big source of foreign income, but in light of the impending reduction of that the new Government here is pivoting big towards exporting medicinal cannabis flower to Europe as a sideline.

      The world's gone crazy/ended, but the border over here is still more open than the border over there.

  3. brendafdez says:

    I don't doubt that Uruguay will likely do at least less worse than many, especially seeing how poorly everyone else is poised to fare. But it still looks all mighty depressing.

    My friend Federico Weinhold is a great fan of "the Turkmenistan model". I'm not too familiar with it, but choose to believe that there physically exists at least some remote place on this Earth where they had a leadership strong enough and grounded enough to completely, publicly, and successfully ignore the insanity, ban the mere discussion of the matter, and send all those concerned about catching the flu to shut up and drink some tea.

    It's true that one country opening borders (as in, returning to the standards applied back then when all the commies called it a human right and it was the very mean 'nazis' opposing) and entirely abandoning the inland enforcement of all aspects of the insanity is much like keeping a lone shop operating clandestinely while everyone else went to sleep: it won't do much ~by itself~, and could end as broke as all the others, but at least it does count as a political statement of non-compliance. Then again, being a tiny agent in a big world, keeping the facade of compliance and taking seriously the made up pandemic could well prove the rational, if no less sad, choice.

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