Three Uruguayan Marines Killed In Attack At Cerro Naval Base

Three members of Uruguay's Naval Infantry were killed early Sunday morning in an attack on their post guarding an old radar installation near the Cerro Naval Base. Two of the marines were shot twice in the head, and the third body was on top of a mattress with four gunshot wounds. Their 9mm side arms were taken by the assailants though the long arms and bulletproof vests were left behind. The assault was discovered when relief came for the deceased's 24 hour guard rotation.

The deceased have been identified as Juan Manuel Escobar, Alex Guillenea, and Alan Rodríguez. Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou declared Monday and Tuesday to be national days of mourning.

Among other angles, investigators are allegedly pursuing a possible connection to a May 15th incident where scavengers attempting to steal "junk ships" were repelled from the Cerro Naval Base.

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