Argentine Terrorist Wanted Since 2017 Mortar Attack Captured In Chuy

Argentine terrorist Sebastián Rodrigo Romero, wanted for firing an improvised mortar at police during a 2017 protest in front of Argentina's national congress, has been captured in Chuy while entering Uruguay from Brasil. Argentina placed a reward of 1 million pesos argentinos1 for his capture on charges of public intimidation, damage, and resistance to authority. A militant and former legislative candidate affiliated with Argentina's Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores Unificados.

  1. Worth ~8,000 USD today. []

2 Responses to “Argentine Terrorist Wanted Since 2017 Mortar Attack Captured In Chuy”

  1. 8,000! That is a medal or an affront for the terrorist?

    • brendafdez says:

      They pegged him at more or less the tears of a hundred cabbies, or eight years and four months of great-for-the-people ubi.

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