Anti-Drug Brigade Headquarters Hit By "Molotov Bomb"

Last night the headquarters of the "Dirección contra el Tráfico Ilícito de Drogas" in barrio Prado was hit by a "molotov bomb" which damaged at least four vehicles. No injuries were reported. One of the damaged vehicles was privately owned. The rest were government cars.

3 Responses to “Anti-Drug Brigade Headquarters Hit By "Molotov Bomb"”

  1. brendafdez says:

    They may just have scored another tactical victory but the war is about to turn against the drugs.

    • Aaron Rogier says:

      It is hard to say. The local rise in murder rate seems almost entirely related to Mujica's marijuana law being implemented and the local independent drug organizations being forced into moving from marijuana business practices to cocaine business practices.

      Given there's a business to defend the entrepreneurs angry about the raids on their "bocas de pasta base" are likely to have more endurance than the kids apparently angry about the vote going the other way.

  2. Aaron Rogier says:

    The rumours of the day involve lots of speculation that the "molotov bomb" may have incorporated "military" explosives though it is still being described as a homemade device.

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