USG Set To Print 6 Trillion New USD As Part of "Stimulus" Measure

The USG is set to inflate the count of US Dollars by six trillion split between a 2 trillion dollar "economic stimulus" package passed by the legislature and a 4 trillion dollar asset purchase and quantitative easing program by the Federal Reserve. This massive devaluation of the US dollar comes with interest rates going negative on short term US treasury debt.

The move is likely to pump prices on US markets up, but on the falling strength of the dollar rather than an actual increase in the value of the assets traded as activity continues to collapse.

For scale, the MZM money stock of US dollars last published by the Saint Louis Federal Reserve March 19th claimed 17.3997 trillion US dollars per that definition of US Dollar monetary mass. The US Federal Reserve stopped publishing the more complete US Dollar supply figures including M3 back in March 2006, shortly before US markets collapsed the last time. The MZM figure notably excludes commercial paper which the Federal Reserve will begin unrestricted purchases of for the first time ever as "quantitative easing" becomes less easing and more forcing.

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