Palacio Peñarol Ready To Go SuperDome

Palacio Peñarol is getting ready to host 50 elderly street sleepers as residents for an indefinite period of time as panic over the not-quite common cold continues. The arena is one of a small number of facilities that have been offered to contain Montevideo's four figure1 outdoor living population until the panic passes. The Hotel Urban Express agreed to lease its rooms to MIDES for a mere 7 USD a night for the duration. This lead to accusations of cronyism from the local left despite the rate being far below the nightly per bed operating cost of MIDES' own shelters.

Palicio Peñarol is home to the offices, museum, and basketball team of Club Atlético Peñarol with a maximum occupancy of 4,700 during games.

  1. Official numbers claim around 2,000 but are of dubious reliability. []

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