MSP Announces (Likely Imported) Dengue Case In Pocitos

While the latest viral fad is getting all the attention, the Ministerio de Salud Pública has announced the diagnosis of a Dengue case in the barrio of Pocitos. The patient allegedly has a recent history of travel to the Caribbean making this case likely imported, but domestically acquired cases have recently been reported in Salto. The vector control protocol is reportedly being activated, but with attention focused on the viral fad, it remains to be seen how much effort is going to be put into mass mosquito murder.

Across the river in Argentina, Porteño incompetence has allowed endemic Dengue to establish deep into Buenos Aires. The entire Department of Salto and Montevideo's barrio of Pocitos both have similarly sized populations in excess of 100,000, but density and a 6-ish hour drive between the two create substantial space for contrast.

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