Luis Lacalle Pou And The Multicolor Government's First Three Weeks In Review

Week One: Over the first few days local news media settled on the word malabaristas, literally jugglers, as the hot new word to use to refer to particularly obnoxious pichis. Nevermind that in at least one case the police broke up what was by all appearances a machete fight. The narrative, even among the better local Spanish language papers, was that the cops pulled a shotgun on some performers.

Week Two: In an attempt to address the "insecurity" issue new Interior Minister Jorge LarraƱaga had the police start getting visible in the streets, kicking in the doors of "bocas de pasta" (crackhouses), and breaking up pichi camps to deliver the urban campers to MIDES shelters.

Week Three: The not-quite common cold that has generated substantial international panic arrives. The local leftists begin criticizing the Lacalle Pou government for not putting more police on the street despite nearly all Uruguayos diligently putting themselves into stasis as soon the move was suggested. No formal orders were needed.

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